Joop Pauwelussen

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In this paper we investigate the effect of a change in geometry of a nerve axon on the propagation of potential waves along the axon. In particular we show that potential waves are stopped at a sudden large increase of cross-section area such as increase of diameter or branching. Some special examples are treated. The results do also apply to problems in(More)
This paper describes the design of the tilting warning system for commercial vehicles, PARSYST (Preventive Anti-Roll SYSTem). This system aims to determine the roll-sensitivity of the vehicle (learning phase), and to combine this information with data of forthcoming road curves through GPS and a navigation database to result in an assessment of the critical(More)
Obtaining a representative loading spectrum that corresponds well to the reality is still one of the greatest challenges for fatigue life calculations and optimal design of the trailer body. A good qualitative and quantitative knowledge of the spectrum leads to more efficient usage of material, a better design of connection points and an overall decrease of(More)
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