Joop H. M. Schreur

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Atrial fibrillation (AF) has been linked to the presence of underlying coronary artery disease (CAD). However, whether the higher burden of CAD observed in AF patients translates into higher burden of myocardial ischemia is unknown. In 87 patients (71% male, mean age 61 ± 10 years) with paroxysmal or persistent AF and without history of CAD, MSCT coronary(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare magnetic resonance myocardial perfusion imaging (MRI) with anatomical assessment by multislice computed tomography (MSCT) coronary angiography and conventional coronary angiography. DESIGN AND PATIENTS In this prospective study, 53 patients (60% male, average age 57+/-9 years, 83% intermediate pre-test likelihood) underwent 1.5 T(More)
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