Joop A. Peters

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The complex [Gd(L)(H2O)]3- (H(6)L =N,N'-bis(6-carboxy-2-pyridylmethyl)ethylenediamine-N,N'-methylenephosphonic acid) displays the highest water exchange rate ever measured for a Gd(III) chelate (k(298)(ex)= 8.8 x 10(8) s(-1)), which is attributed to the flexibility of the metal coordination environment.
Maximum sustained swimming speeds, swimming energetics and swimming kinematics were measured in the green jack Caranx caballus (Teleostei: Carangidae) using a 41 l temperature-controlled, Brett-type swimming-tunnel respirometer. In individual C. caballus [mean ±s.d. of 22·1 ± 2·2 cm fork length (L(F) ), 190 ± 61 g, n = 11] at 27·2 ± 0·7° C, mean critical(More)
Paramagnetic liposomes used as contrast agents in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) often suffer from low efficacies because of slow water diffusion through the membrane. We present an approach to overcome this limitation by incorporation of a calix[4]arene based agent that expresses the chelates towards the bulk water.
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