Joonmyung Choi

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The filler size-dependent elastic stiffness of nanosilica (α-quartz)-reinforced polyimide(s-BPDA/1,3,4-APB) composites under the same volume fraction and grafting ratio conditions was investigated via molecular dynamics(MD) simulations. To enhance the interfacial load transfer efficiency, we treated the surface oxygen atoms of the silica nanoparticle with(More)
As a polymeric system incorporating rigid molecules within its structure, the liquid-crystal network (LCN) has been envisaged as a novel heterogeneous material. Under the influence of external stimuli, the orientational order of the liquid-crystalline phase becomes dilute and overall anisotropy is hence decreased; the actinic light absorbed by photochromic(More)
Embedding nanoparticles in a responsive polymer matrix is a formidable way to fabricate hybrid materials with predesigned properties and prospective applications in actuators, mechanically tunable optical elements, and electroclinic films. However, achieving chemical compatibility between nanoparticles and organic matter is not trivial and often results in(More)
We investigated the optical and thermal actuation behavior of densely cross-linked photoresponsive polymer (PRP) and polymer nanocomposites containing gold nanoparticles (PRP/Au) using all-atom molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. The modeled molecular structures contain a large number of photoreactive mesogens with linear orientation. Flexible side chains(More)
A liquid crystal network whose chromophores are functionalized by photochromic dye exhibits light-induced mechanical behaviour. As a result, the micro-scaled thermotropic traits of the network and the macroscopic phase behaviour are both influenced as light alternates the shape of the dyes. In this paper, we present an analysis of this photomechanical(More)
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