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A modified Hopfield neural network model for regularized image restoration is presented. The proposed network allows negative autoconnections for each neuron. A set of algorithms using the proposed neural network model is presented, with various updating modes: sequential updates; n-simultaneous updates; and partially asynchronous updates. The sequential(More)
This paper describes a robust method for crease detection and curvature estimation on large, noisy triangle meshes. We assume that these meshes are approximations of piecewise-smooth surfaces derived from range or medical imaging systems and thus may exhibit measurement or even registration noise. The proposed algorithm, which we call normal vector voting,(More)
In this paper, we describe a robust method for the estimation of curvature on a triangle mesh, where this mesh is a discrete approximation of a piecewise smooth surface. The proposed method avoids the computationally expensive process of surface fitting and instead employs normal voting to achieve robust results. This method detects crease discontinuities(More)
This paper presents a framework of surface modeling from multi-view range and color images. The input to the algorithms are pairs of triangle meshes and color images, and each pair is obtained by a single-view scanning. In the proposed framework, the triangle meshes from raw data are first processed by the novel surface denoising algorithm based on area(More)
Automatic tracking is essential for a 24 hours intruder-detection and, more generally, a surveillance system. This paper presents an adaptive background generation and the corresponding moving region detection techniques for a Pan-TiltZoom (PTZ) camera using a geometric transform-based mosaicing method. A complete system including adaptive background(More)
This paper presents a simple and efficient algorithm for part decomposition of compound objects based on Gaussian curvature analysis. The proposed algorithm consists of three major steps, Gaussian curvature estimation, boundary detection, and region growing. Boundaries between two articulated parts are composed of points with highly negative curvature based(More)