Joonki Jung

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The gene encoding translation elongation factor 1-α from the yeast Pichia pastoris was cloned. The gene revealed an open reading frame of 1,380 bp with the potential to encode a polypeptide of 459 amino acids with a calculated mass of 50.1 kDa. The potential of the promoter (P TEF1 ) in P. pastoris was investigated with comparison to the(More)
In general, high broth viscosity is a key factor to be considered in a submerged fermentation of filamentous fungi. High broth viscosity was also observed in a batch fermentation of Monascus sp. J101 at 30 degrees C. In a batch culture at 30 degrees C, most cell growth was accomplished within 48 h, which induced highly entangled clumps. The resultant high(More)
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