Joong-Kyung Ryu

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High performance systems and distributed environment usually deployed to improve users' performance and availability. Recent years, High performance systems and distributed environment suffer from security issues and certain vulner-abilities became the sweetest targets to attackers. Some attacks easily and widely transmit other systems, and lead to(More)
People today have become more interested in disease prevention and health promotion, rather than disease treatment, and have shown a tendency to get various types of information from diverse media and try to apply it to themselves. Numerous and varied health information web sites have been developed and are now operating. However, they do not seem to(More)
Convergence-based service environments are embedded in large-capacity servers and adopt client/server models. Applications, devices, networks, and infrastructure are converging and creating an immense amount of content, which poses complex challenges for organizations, developers and users. In the field of security, we are seeing the convergence of(More)
An item recommendation service provides an item list by considering the circumstance and desire of users without any limitations in time and location. However, the recommendation systems used in the past are unable to satisfy user desires because these systems only reply to the results of consider static information. This paper attempts to design a(More)
One of the personalized service in the ubiquitous For establishing real u-health environments, it is necessary to receive the context information obtained from various platforms at proper time in portable devices, which are operated in both wire and wireless communication. And, a knowledge model that reflects the information and characteristics for such(More)
The existing music search and recommendation systems obtain results through query or answer and recommend music using data mining techniques. However, it is not possible to provide active services that satisfy customers in smart home environments because these systems consider only static information in Web environments. In order to solve these problems,(More)