Joong-Ho Kim

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This paper presents a method for analyzing multi-layered power distribution networks in the frequency domain.Using a two dimensional array of distributed RLCG circuits,multi-layered power distribution planes are represented.Each plane pair is connected by vias, which are modeled as partial self and mutual inductors. For the efficient computation of the(More)
As the operating frequency of digital systems increases and voltage swing decreases, it becomes increasingly important to accurately characterize and analyze power distribution networks (PDN). This paper presents the modeling, simulation, and measurement of a PDN in a high-speed FR4 printed circuit board (PCB) designed for chip-to-chip communication at a(More)
System power integrity characterization for low-power high-speed memory interface in a 3D package system is a challenging task due to probing difficulties imposed by small form factor. In this paper, power integrity measurements including supply noise, PSIJ sensitivity and PDN impedance curve using on-chip noise generator and monitors are presented. On-chip(More)
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