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For a service robot to be more human friendly, it is required to have various emotional interactions with human. Inspired from both neuroscience and cognitive science, this paper proposes a dynamic robot affective system that can have various emotional states at the same time and express those combined emotions just like humans do. The system comprises(More)
An emotional robot is regarded as being able to express its diverse emotions in response to internal or external events. This paper presents a robot affective system that is able to express life-like emotions. In order to do that, the overall architecture of our affective system is based on neuroscience from which we obtained the natural emotional(More)
For an agent to be believable, emotion is an essential part of the human computer interaction. In this paper, we propose a dynamic affective system , inspired from neuroscience. The system comprises four modules: an appraisal module, an emotion-generation module, an emotional expression module , and a long-term memory (LTM). The appraisal module gathers(More)
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