Joonas Ruuskanen

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The filtering facepiece, also referred to as a disposable respirator, is an extensively used type of respirator without an officially accepted fit testing method. This study describes an aerosol generator and a sampling train, which have been developed for investigating the aerosol penetration characteristics through the filter element and the face seal.(More)
Observed first in Wilson's pioneering experiments in the cloud chamber, the sign preference has remained a mystery for more than a century. We investigate the sign preference using a quantum approach and show that this puzzling phenomenon is essentially quantum in nature. It is shown that the effect of the chemical identity of the core ion is controlled by(More)
The abundance of epiphytic green algae has been observed to correlate strongly with air quality in several studies. In contrast to lichens, the abundance of green algae is difficult to measure accurately by visual observation. A new method based on photography and digital image processing was developed to estimate the chlorophyll content of algae growing on(More)
Federated identity management a b s t r a c t Web single sign-on (SSO) systems enable users to authenticate themselves to multiple online services with one authentication credential and mechanism offered by an identity provider. The topic is widely studied and many solutions exist. However, logging out of a service using SSO has received less attention.(More)
One option of recycling used contaminated packaging is to recover its high energy content. This can be performed in a normal multi-fuel power plant by co-combustion of packaging-derived fuel (PDF) or refuse-derived fuel (RDF) with fossil fuels, such as coal or peat. This work includes the results of 17 co-combustion tests and an evaluation of the results by(More)
The monitoring of Phosdrin (mevinphos; insecticide) from foliage and foliage extracts was achieved by an aspiration-type ion mobility spectrometer. This technique is based on ion mobility, which is proportional to the molecular weight, shape, and charge. The operation principle of the ion mobility spectrometer is to measure mobility distribution changes of(More)
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