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Measurement of energy budget components during the International Rice Experiment (IREX) in Japan
A field study was conducted to measure the fluxes of energy budget components above a rice canopy in Okayama, Japan, from 5 to 16 August 1996. During this period, the canopy height was, on average,Expand
Selection of Tolerant Plants and Their Arrangement to Restore a Forest Ecosystem Damaged by Air Pollution
Plants tolerant to polluted environments were selected, based on several criteria, to restore a coastal forest ecosystem severely damaged by air pollutants discharged from an industrial complex. InExpand
Seedling establishment and regeneration of Korean red pine (Pinus densiflora S. et Z.) forests in Korea in relation to soil moisture
Abstract To identify limitations on the regeneration of Korean red pine (Pinus densiflora S. et Z.) in its native range, we evaluated seed production, dispersal, germination, and seedlingExpand
Lessons from Cross-Scale Studies of Water and Carbon Cycles in the Gwangneung Forest Catchment in a Complex Landscape of Monsoon Korea
KoFlux Gwangneung Supersite comprises complex topography and diverse vegetation types (and structures), which necessitate complementary multi-disciplinary measurements to understand energy and matterExpand
A Comparison of Nitrogen Cycling among Young Pinus koraiensis Plantations of Different Ages
It is emphasized that understory played an important role in such plantation reforesred after clear-cutting for the initial 9 years, and the N use efficiency, ratio of the net primary production to N uptake, of the whole vegetation increased as the plantation aged and the value of understory was less than that of P. koraiensis plants. Expand
Plant succession and interaction between soil and plants after land reclamation on the west coast of Korea
Plant succession and the interaction between soil and plants after reclamation were investigated on the west coast of Korea on the basis of distribution ranges of the plants along gradients of salt and moisture contents in the soil, and species associations and life forms. Expand
Water Relations and Cell Wall Elasticity Quantities in Phaseolus vulgaris Leaves
The data suggest that greater drought resistance of the first trifoliolate leaf is related to a decreased bulk elastic modulus, but not to osmotic adjustment nor to differences in stomatal resistance during water stress. Expand
Species composition and primary production of the benthic algal assemblage along a channel in salt marsh, Kyonggi Bay, Korea
Studies on species compostion, promary production of benthic algal assemblage were carried out along a channel of the salt marsh near Inch'on, Kyonggi Bay, Korea, finding that at the algal blooming period in spring, euglenoids occurred with a high abundance and the chlorophyll a content ofbenthic algae showed definite seasonal pattern. Expand
Effects of Dolomite Liming on Soil Chemistry in Acidic Forest Soils
Investigation of the effects of liming on the chemical changes in the 0-5 cm and 5∼10 cm layers of soil from 1994 to 1995 found that K and Na concentrations in the limed plots appeared to decrease in both the pine and oak forests two years after liming. Expand
Secular chang of density, litterfall, phytomass and primary productivity in mongolian oak(quercus mongolica)forest
The density, litterfall, phytomass, and primary productivity for 7 years in quercus mongolian forest locasted at mt. nambyengsan, pyeongchang-gun, gangwon provance in central part of korean peninsulaExpand