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This article proposes a very effective heuristic algorithm to address the network expansion problem, and it discusses step-by-step procedures of the proposed algorithm in detail. The input to the algorithm is based on a binary integer programming formulation of the network problem. The solution specifies the connections of each component, cell sites, hubs,(More)
Using the correct tools to make a decision is very important to the decision makers. In this paper two supporting tools, Geographic Information Systems and Nonlinear Programming, are introduced to select the optimal location of a Mobile Telephone Switching Office in the cellular telecommunication network design. The cellular telecommunication network system(More)
AbsTRACT This chapter proposes a very effective heuristic algorithm to address a variation of the cellular network expansion problem and discusses each algorithm step in detail. Although the input to the algorithm appears to be a binary integer programming problem, the proposed algorithm deals with several non-linear aspects. The solution specifies the(More)
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