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This paper presents the stiffness analysis and design of a 3-DOF parallel robot with one constraining leg, which takes into account of elastic deformations of joints and links. The parallel manipulator in this study is made up of three SPS (Spherical-Prismatic -Spherical) legs and one UP (Universal-Prismatic) leg at the center. The role of the UP leg(More)
In this paper, a novel 3-DOF parallel-type haptic device with one redundant actuator is presented. The haptic device has a similar kinematic structure with the well-known Delta manipulator. However, it has the special arrangement of actuators and one redundant actuator to increase the workspace with high stiffness. Specifically, the axes of two rotary(More)
In this paper, two types of novel planar translational parallel manipulators (TPMs) by using parallelogram mechanism are developed. One is made up of two Pa-P (parallelogram-prismatic) legs connecting the moving platform to the fixed base. The other consists of two P-Pa legs, which is the kinematic inversion of the former. Since connecting links in a(More)
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