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BACKGROUND This study was performed to evaluate the results of negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) in patients with open wounds in the foot and ankle region. MATERIALS AND METHODS Using a NPWT device, 16 patients were prospectively treated for soft tissue injuries around the foot and ankle. Mean patient age was 32.8 years (range, 3-67 years). All(More)
INTRODUCTION Recent reports have described the occurrence of low-energy subtrochanteric and femoral shaft fractures associated with long-term bisphosphonate use. Although information regarding the surgical treatment of these atypical femoral fractures is increasing, it is unclear if the preventive operation is useful in incomplete fractures. This study(More)
BACKGROUND Relatively few studies have addressed plate osteosynthesis for open proximal tibial fractures by now. The purpose of this study was to assess the results of minimally invasive plate osteosynthesis (MIPO) for open fractures of the proximal tibia. METHODS Thirty-four patients with an open proximal tibial fracture were treated by MIPO. Thirty of(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to compare the results of Aescula and TomoFix plates used for biplanar open wedge high tibial osteotomy in medial osteoarthritis of the knee joint with varus deformity. METHODS A consecutive series of 50 cases of biplanar open wedge high tibial osteotomy were evaluated retrospectively. Group A contained 25 cases(More)
The polio outbreak in China in 2011 makes it necessary to revise the 2010 polio National Action Plan (NAP) in Korea. The revised plan was provided after evaluation of the 2010 NAP, literature reviews, and expert advice. It was discussed and confirmed by the Polio National Certificate Committee (NCC). The revised NAP (2012 NAP) has structured the action to(More)
Enhanced extracellular matrix (ECM) accumulation is an important finding in human restenotic arterial neointima after angioplasty. Transforming growth factor beta1(TGF-beta1) is known to regulate the synthesis and turnover of a variety of ECM components, and may play an important role in restenosis. Recombinant adenoviral vector expressing an ectodomain of(More)
BACKGROUND To determine relative fixation strengths of a single lateral locking plate, a double construct of a locking plate, and a tibial nail used in treatment of proximal tibial extra-articular fractures. METHODS Three groups of composite tibial synthetic bones consisting of 5 specimens per group were included: lateral plating (LP) using a locking(More)
—Ecdysteroids, primarily 20-hydroxyecdysone (20E), play a central role in the growth of arthropods. Molecular target of the ecdysteroids is known as a receptor complex composed of ecdysone receptor (EcR) and ultraspiracle (USP) protein. It is important to clarify the expression profile of EcR/USP in crustacean for understanding the endocrine disrupting(More)
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