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Relation between presence‐absence of a visible nucleoid and metabolic activity in bacterioplankton cells
Results show that some bacteria without visible nucleoids are capable of becoming NV cells, and thus have DNA in a nucleoid region not detectable with the method used here.
Dead or alive? A large fraction of ETS-inactive marine bacterioplankton cells, as assessed by reduction of CTC, can become ETS-active with incubation and substrate addition
Under conditions of increased temperature and high concentration of organic substrate, a large proportion of the apparently 'inactive' bacteria can become highly ETS-active within a day, suggesting that these cells are in fact alive, and are capable of attaining significant metabolic activity.
Paraphysomonas imperforata (Protista, Chrysomonadida) under different turbulence levels: feeding, physiology and energetics
Flagellates increased in numbers and decreased in size at all turbulence intensities as well as in nonturbulence treatments, probably as an adaptation to an environment with lower food concentration than the stock cultures.
The Dynamic Nature of Protistan Ingestion Response to Prey Abundance
In light of the dynamic nature of protistan ingestion response to prey abundance, short incubation, which minimizes the physiological change, and careful handling, which prevents the possible physical stress, should be employed in order to avoid underestimation of in situ ingestion rates.
The effects of algal density on growth of heterotrophic microflagellates
The major role oi heterotrophic nanoilagellates in the ocean is generally thought to be as grazers oi bacteria, but they may also play an important role as grazers oi photoautotrphs. The goal oi the
An Experimental Study about The Effect of Solid Particle Seeding on Thermal Characteristics of Hydrogen Flame
From the view of the environmental protection against the use of fossil fuels, a great of efforts have been exerted to find an alternative energy source. Hydrogen may become an alternative However
Effects of Addition of Carbon Dioxide on Thermal Characteristics in Oxygen-Enriched Hydrogen Flame
An experimental study has been conducted to evaluate the effects of CO2 addition on thermal behavior in oxygen-enriched hydrogen flame. Experiments were performed on flames stabilized by a co-flow