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The modern digital battlesphere requires the development and deployment of multi-level secure computing systems and networks. A portion of these systems are necessarily be operating under real-time processing constraints. High assurance systems processing national security information must be analyzed for possible information leakages, including covert(More)
Recently, not only automatic welders have replaced human welders in many welding applications, but also reasonable seam tracking systems are commercially available. However, fully adequate process control systems have not been developed due to a lack of reliable sensors and mathematical models that correlate welding parameters to the bead geometry for the(More)
Real-time systems must satisfy timing constraints. In our previous work, we showed that a covert timing channel cannot be completely closed in some system configurations due to the timing constraints imposed by the RateMonotonic (RM) real-time scheduling algorithm. In this paper, we construct a probabilistic model to measure two quantities of a covert(More)
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