Joon-Pyo Lee

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To improve the oxidation stability and the low temperature flow properties of a biodiesel mixture, the dependence of the oxidation stability and the cold filter plugging point (CFPP) on the fatty acid compositions was examined. Three different kinds of biodiesels, palm, rapeseed, and soybean biodiesels, were blended with the different weight ratios. The(More)
A log of waste oak wood collected from a Korean mushroom farm has been tested for ammonia percolation pretreatment. The waste log has different physical characteristics from that of virgin oak wood. The density of the waste wood was 30% lower than that of virgin oak wood. However, there is little difference in the chemical compositions between the woods.(More)
BACKGROUND Empty fruit bunch (EFB) has many advantages, including its abundance, the fact that it does not require collection, and its year-round availability as a feedstock for bioethanol production. But before the significant costs incurred in ethanol production from lignocellulosic biomass can be reduced, an efficient sugar fractionation technology has(More)
NaOH catalyzed steam explosion was applied to improve the enzymatic digestibility of Eucalyptus grandis. The impregnation of wood chip with NaOH solutions before steam explosion was carried out to investigate the effects of alkaline catalysis on solid recovery, enzymatic digestibility, and glucose recovery. The lignin removal was significantly affected by(More)
The acoustic microscopy technique provides some extraordinary advantages for determining mechanical properties of living cells. It is relatively fast, of excellent spatial resolution, and of minimal invasiveness. Sound velocity is a measure of the cell stiffness. Attenuation of cytoplasm is a measure of supramolecular interactions. These parameters are of(More)
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