Joon-Hwan Lee

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A variable-speed engine generator set for an isolated power system is investigated due to reduced fuel consumption and less emission. However, because of the sluggish dynamic behavior of the internal combustion engine, the power quality would be degraded during the sudden load power surge, where the power required by the load is not available by the engine(More)
Electric governors are widely used in diesel engine applications. And a proportional, integral and derivative(PED) controllers runs the electric governor in order to control the engine speed. However, it is difficult to analyze the system stability due to the non-linear characteristics of the diesel engine, and as a result, the PID controller should be(More)
A novel procedure for the synthesis of cis-fused bicyclic alpha-methylene-gamma-butyrolactones from allenyl carbonyl functionalities via the molybdenum-mediated cyclocarbonylation is described. The use of Mo(CO)(6) with DMSO to promote reaction results in an efficient and convenient protocol through the three-component assembly in high yields.
[reaction: see text] A new procedure for the synthesis of cis-2-triethylsilylvinyl-cyclopentanols and -cyclohexanols from allenyl-aldehydes and -ketones with Et(3)SiH through rhodium-catalyzed silylative carbocyclization is described. The use of Rh(acac)(CO)(2) (1 mol %) to promote the reaction results in a mild and convenient protocol for the(More)
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