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In this paper a joint interference cancellation and maximum likelihood (ML) decoding scheme is proposed for a space-time coded DS-CDMA system in a multipath fading channel. Arrival time difference between multiple transmit antennas by multipaths causes not only inter-symbol interference but also multiple-access interference and inter-antenna interference(More)
—In this paper, we propose the per-survivor adaptive interference canceller (PSAIC) based on group decoding for the uplink of the space-time trellis coded DS-CDMA system. The trellis-based group decoder (TBGD) obtains the trade-off between performance and complexity by decomposing the super-trellis for the entire decoder into the group-trellises for subsets(More)
—In this letter, we propose an adaptive step-size algorithm for the adaptive interference canceller (AIC) in the space-time coded DS-CDMA system. To improve the performance of the fixed step-size AIC (FS-AIC), the regular adaptive step-size algorithm is extended in complex domain and applied to the joint AIC and ML decoder scheme. Simulation results show(More)
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