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Industrial Symbiosis Dynamics and the Problem of Equivalence: Proposal for a Comparative Framework
Summary Industrial symbiosis (IS), one of the founding notions within the field of industrial ecology, has diffused throughout significant parts of the world as a practice that can reduce theExpand
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Effects of different calcium salts on calcium carbonate crystal formation by Sporosarcina pasteurii KCTC 3558
We examined the effectiveness of using different calcium salts for bioconsolidation. Four calcium salts were chosen based on their applicability and solubility. Initial experiments demonstrated thatExpand
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A non-self-intersecting adaptive deformable surface for complex boundary extraction from volumetric images
This paper proposes a non-self-intersecting multiscale deformable surface model with an adaptive remeshing capability. Expand
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Prediction of Postoperative Lung Function in Patients Undergoing Lung Resection: Dual-Energy Perfusion Computed Tomography Versus Perfusion Scintigraphy
ObjectivesThe purpose of this study was to assess the usefulness of dual-energy perfusion computed tomography (CT) for predicting postoperative lung function in patients undergoing lung resection.Expand
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Securing a Competitive Advantage Through Industrial Symbiosis Development
Hyosung Yongyeon Plants. Plant I: Operated since 1991. Plant II: Operated since 1997. Plant III: Built in 2009. Organization type: Production facilities of Hyosung, a public company. Headquarters:Expand
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The evolution of waste into a resource: Examining innovation in technologies reusing coal combustion by-products using patent data
The reuse of waste begins with the development of new technologies for ways to use waste. Despite the critical role of innovation in waste reuse, innovation for waste reuse technologies has beenExpand
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Effect of temperature-induced load on airport concrete pavement behavior
In many countries, airport pavements are designed according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Rigid and Flexible Iterative Elastic Layer Design (FAARFIELD) program. FAARFIELD is capable ofExpand
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Recyclable sensitive fluorimetric detection of specific metal ions using a functionalized PEG-PS resin with a fluorescent peptide sensor
Abstract Previously, we synthesized a fluorescent peptide sensor consisting of heptapeptide for Cu(II) and Zn(II) ions, respectively. The peptide sensor detected Cu(II) ions by turn off response andExpand
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Flow characteristics of microbubble suspensions in porous media as an oxygen carrier
Microbubble suspensions were generated as an oxygen carrier for aerobic biodegradation, and their flow characteristics in porous media were investigated. Commercial surfactants including sodiumExpand
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