Joo Hwan Lee

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In this paper, we propose an OpenCL framework that combines multiple GPUs and treats them as a single compute device. Providing a single virtual compute device image to the user makes an OpenCL application written for a single GPU portable to the platform that has multiple GPU devices. It also makes the application exploit full computing power of the(More)
Utilizing heterogeneous platforms for computation has become a general trend making the portability issue important. OpenCL (Open Computing Language) serves the purpose by enabling portable execution on heterogeneous architectures. However, unpredictable performance variation on different platforms has become a burden for programmers who write OpenCL(More)
Parallel machine learning workloads have become prevalent in numerous application domains. Many of these workloads are iterative convergent, allowing different threads to compute in an asynchronous manner, relaxing certain read-after-write data dependencies to use stale values. While considerable effort has been devoted to reducing the communication latency(More)
In this paper, we present image genre classification system, called IGC. The proposed system categorizes images into one of three genres, such as art, photo, or cartoon images. The images features are extracted using standard MPEG-7 visual descriptors, after which they are trained using Neural Networks. The simulation results show that the proposed system(More)
Recently the main trend in providing software services has been shifting from an ASP (application service provider)-oriented to a SaaS (software as a service). ASP is a software service model in which the service is provided on a one by one basis according its ownership, while SaaS is a software servicemodel inwhich the service is provided virtually on a(More)
GPU has become a first-order computing platform. Nonetheless, not many performance modeling techniques have been developed for architecture studies. Several GPU analytical performance models have been proposed, but they mostly target application optimizations rather than the study of different architecture design options. Interval analysis is a relatively(More)
Heterogeneous computing has emerged as one of the major computing platforms in many domains. Although there have been several proposals to aid programming for heterogeneous computing platforms, optimizing applications on heterogeneous computing platforms is not an easy task. Identifying which parallel regions (or tasks) should run on GPUs or CPUs is one of(More)