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Effect of Addition of Minor ingredients for the Quality Characteristics of Sulgiduk
Investigation of the effects of addition ratio of various minor ingredients of prosomillet, glutinous barley, oat, wheat, yellow and black soybean, safflower seed, chocolate on mechanical and sensory characteristics of Sulgiduk found quality characteristics added with Prosomillet was better than those of SulGiduk without the minor ingredients. Expand
Regeneration of Waste Activated Carbon Disposed from Mercury Recovery Process
This study discusses regeneration of mercury-contaminated, activated carbon from adsorption in the mercury recovery process. Mercury in activated carbon was desorbed by thermal treatment, and theExpand
Qualitative analysis of tar based on tar sampling conditions for empty fruit bunch gasification
The generation of tar during biomass gasification is a common phenomenon. Tar is a heavy hydrocarbon material that must be controlled; otherwise, it can damage the gasification process. Thus, theExpand
Analysis of Chemical Composition of Bulro Kugi (Lycium chinense Mill) Fruit, Leaf, and Root
Chemical and flavor components of Bulro Kugi (Lycium chinense Mill) fruit leaf, and root were compared. Fructose and glucose were detected in fruit and leaf, and sucrose in root, respectively.Expand
Estimation of Mercury Contaminated Waste Release from Anthropogenic Sources using Distribution Factors
  • J. Sung, Su-jin Cho, +6 authors Y. Seo
  • Environmental Science
  • Journal of Korea Society of Waste Management
  • 30 October 2019
Shelf-life of Red Chili Pepper on MA and CA Storage
In order to extend the shelf-life of red chili pepper, MA and CA technology were used. In MA storage, red chili peppers(Jinmi and Jangkun) were packaged in 0.03 mm PE film bags(3 kg/bag) having twoExpand
Component Comparision of Artemisia selengensis and Artemisia sp. for Artemisia selengensis Utilization
This experiment was carried out to get the basic information on utilizing artemisia selengensis, the chemical component of artemisia selengensis and those Artemisia sp. were analyzed and compared.Expand