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Phylogenetic relationships within the genus Atopobathynella Schminke (Bathynellacea : Parabathynellidae)
The results of the phylogenetic analysis and the biogeographical data suggest that the ancestors of Atopobathynella colonized groundwater via limnic surface water. Expand
Redefinition of the parastenocaridid genus Proserpinicaris (Copepoda: Harpacticoida), with description of three new species from Korea
The genus Proserpinicaris Jakobi, 1972, as redefined here, is Palaearctic in distribution, with the centre of diversity in southern Europe, and 20 valid members, all of which share a large hyaline spiniform structure on the male fourth leg basis as a synapomorphy. Expand
A primitive representative of the Parabathynellidae (Bathynellacea, Syncarida) from the Yilgarn Craton of Western Australia
An attempt to relate the primitiveness of the new species to the historiogeological characteristics of the region has led to the conclusion that the recent parabathynellids could have emerged from freshwater epigean ancestors. Expand
A new genus and six new species of the Parabathynellidae (Bathynellacea, Syncarida) from the Kimberley region, Western Australia
Six new species of a new genus of the Parabathynellidae are described from the Kimberley Region, Western Australia, based on the two‐segmented antenna, the partial fusion of the second and third segments of the maxilla, and the setal condition of the uropodal exopodite. Expand
Nipponbathynella also in South-Korea (Bathynellacea: Syncarida)
Nipponbathynella pectina is the third species of the genus and has two unique traits: the carination of the back of each somite, and the comb-shaped uropod. Expand
A phylogenetic review of the genus Hexabathynella Schminke, 1972 (Crustacea, Malacostraca, Bathynellacea): with a description of four new species
The genus Hexabathynella (Crustacea, Malacostraca, Bathynellacea) is revised in the sense of the phylogenetic systematics and four new species are described from South Africa (H. monoaethetasca sp.Expand
New genus and two new species of Parabahtynellidae (Malacostraca: Syncarida) from South Korea
We erect Hangangbathynella n. gen. to accomodate two new parabathynellid species, H. taechooni and H. eunokae, collected from subterranean water in South Korea. The new genus is characterized by: theExpand
A preliminary inquiry into an Asian topsy‐turvy Dom, Allobathynella with the description of a new species from South Korea and redescription of A. japonica (Crustacea, Syncarida, Parabathynellidae)
A new species of Allobathynella from South Korea are described with detailed descriptions of each male thoracopod VIII and this species, A. shinjongieei sp. Expand
Three new ameirid harpacticoids from Korea and first record of Proameira simplex (Crustacea: Copepoda: Ameiridae)*
Two new endemic species of Ameira are reported, relatively closely related to the previously recorded cosmopolitan A. parvula in Korea, but show many novel morphological structures in the caudal rami shape and ornamentation, and an alternative hypothesis of a species-complex proposed. Expand
Three new species of Billibathynella from Western Australia (Crustacea, Syncarida, Parabathynellidae)
Three new species of Billibathynella Cho, 2005 are described from the arid region of Western Australia, which differ from B. humphreysi, the only species of the genus previously known, in several meristic traits and qualitative characters. Expand