Jonny Lindqvist

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The present study evaluated the validity of visual rating of medial temporal lobe atrophy on coronal magnetic resonance imaging scans in a population of demented and non-demented individuals. Medial temporal lobe atrophy in 194 subjects was visually rated from hard copies, using a 0-4 rating scale, and a comparison was made with the absolute volumes (ccm)(More)
AIMS To describe changes in different factors at resuscitation and survival in a 17-year survey of patients suffering from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. METHOD The investigation was carried out in the community of Göteborg with 450 000 inhabitants during 1981-1997 on all patients suffering out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in whom resuscitation was(More)
UNLABELLED In this study, we assessed the accuracy and reliability of MRI-guided SPECT measurements of medial temporal lobe blood flow in Alzheimer's disease (AD). METHODS Interactively aligned three-dimensional MP-RAGE MRI and 99mTc-HMPAO SPECT images were used for MRI-guided measurement of medial temporal lobe CBF in eight control subjects and eight(More)
We investigated the influence of the apolipoprotein (ApoE) epsilon4 allele on the rate of brain atrophy in patients with clinical dementia and in subjects at risk for dementia. Eighty-one subjects, consecutively referred to a memory clinic due to symptoms of dementia, went through a comprehensive examination, including cerebral magnetic resonance imaging.(More)
BACKGROUND Three million people in Sweden are trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Whether this training increases the frequency of bystander CPR or the survival rate among persons who have out-of-hospital cardiac arrests has been questioned. METHODS We analyzed a total of 30,381 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests witnessed in Sweden from January(More)
Seventeen patients with advanced cancer pain, treated with chronic epidural morphine, were studied. Minimum plasma and CSF morphine concentrations (CSSmin) were determined at pharmacokinetic steady state. A linear relationship was found between epidural morphine dose and concentrations obtained in plasma (r = 0.92) as well as CSF (r = 0.90). The line for(More)
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