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—A performance evaluation of a level-crossing analog-to-digital converter (ADC) is presented. It is shown that its signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) does not depend on the input-signal amplitude, which results in an almost-flat SNR for amplitudes that fall into the Nyquist criteria for irregular sampling. The influence of the reconstruction procedure on SNR is(More)
– The use of PSpice models for piezoe-lectric devices and ultrasonic transmission media is of major importance when designing electronics for ultrasonic systems. Today, these models include vis-coelastic loss but disregard loss due to diffraction, i.e. beam spreading. This paper presents a method for the inclusion of diffraction loss in PSpice simulations(More)
Equivalent circuits for piezoelectric devices and ultrasonic transmission media can be used to cosimulate electronics and ultrasound parts in simulators originally intended for electronics. To achieve efficient system-level optimization, it is important to simulate correct, absolute amplitude of the ultrasound signal in the system, as this determines the(More)
—A concept for doing accurate monitoring of temperature in power semiconductor modules is proposed. The concept involves glueing wireless single-chip temperature sensors with on-chip coils in direct contact with power semiconductor devices within their modules. Direct contact results in accurate temperature measurements while wireless technology such as(More)