Jonny Gustafsson

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In this work we present how Augmented Reality (AR) can be used to create an intimate integration of process data with the workspace of an industrial CNC (computer numerical control) machine. AR allows us to combine interactive computer graphics with real objects in a physical environment — in this case, the workspace of an industrial lathe. ASTOR is an(More)
We present a novel autostereoscopic optical see-through system for Augmented Reality (AR). It uses a transparent holographic optical element (HOE) to separate the views produced by two, or more, digital projectors. It is a minimally intrusive AR system that does not require the user to wear special glasses or any other equipment, since the user will see(More)
We develop a tailor made semiparametric asymmetric kernel density estimator for the estimation of actuarial loss distributions. The estimator is obtained by transforming the data with the generalized Champernowne distribution initially fitted to the data. Then the density of the transformed data is estimated by use of local asymmetric kernel methods to(More)
We present a method to estimate the perceived listening quality by a subscriber at the end of a common voice telephony conversation. This method was recently introduced in ETSI STQ mobile and was approved as TR 102 506 'Speech Quality per Call'. The idea is to calculate this "speech-quality-per-call" value based on short-term listening quality scores(More)
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