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OBJECTIVE To describe the time between treatment for choroidal melanoma and first diagnosis of metastatic disease, sites of metastasis, treatments for metastasis, and time between diagnosis of metastasis and death. DESIGN Prospective, longitudinal follow-up of patients diagnosed with choroidal melanoma who were enrolled in 2 randomized trials conducted by(More)
PURPOSE To describe the predictive value of liver function tests (LFTs), chest x-ray, and diagnostic imaging for detecting melanoma metastasis during routine follow-up after treatment for choroidal melanoma. MATERIALS AND METHODS Prospective longitudinal follow-up of patients enrolled onto two randomized trials was conducted by the Collaborative Ocular(More)
A new column packing, SP-2510 DA (Supelco, Inc., Bellefonte, Pa. 16823), is an excellent stationary phase for the determination of a wide variety of anticonvulsant drugs by gas--liquid chromatography without derivatization. However, when uncomplicated extraction procedures are used, serum cholesterol interferes with the determination of primidone. By the(More)
A micro high performance liquid chromatography assay is reported for the measurement of tolazoline in newborn infants. Pharmacokinetic data are presented for a single infant receiving tolazoline therapy. Tolazoline and the internal standard, clonidine, are extracted from alkaline serum into butylchloride/isopropanol (95/5). The organic layer is then back(More)
We conducted a long-term study of 85 children with known transient neonatal hyperbilirubinemia to determine if their hearing had been affected. None of the children had neural symptoms such as kernicterus. The children ranged in age from birth to 9 months and were studied by means of brainstem evoked response audiometry (BERA). Thirty-four of the children(More)
Temperature changes at different locations in the labyrinth were measured in human temporal bone preparations after syringing with water. In order to simulate physiological conditions, the preparations were placed in a water bath at 37°C. The maximum temperature changes in the horizontal semicircular canal after syringing with temperatures symmetrical to(More)
Theoretically the computer would be a useful tool to help the practitioner with his multiple medical and administrative duties. At present however the modalities of the data input and their poor acceptability for the patient are an obstacle on the way to a wider use of electronic data processing in the physician's office.
While the diagnostic value of pre-operative tympanometry is undisputed, there are very few publications on its application in postoperative control of sound conduction development. We measured otoadmittance several times after middle ear surgery in 42 cases. A significant increase of maximal admittance is found over a period of up to 24 months in case of(More)
A new procedure of evoking brainstem potentials shall be introduced. Contrary to evoking brainstem potentials by acoustic stimulation via earphone or loudspeaker we touch the middle ear apparatus at various locations using a special mechanical vibrating system thus evoking movements within the sound-conducting structures. As a reaction to this kind of(More)
The influence of the stimulus medium in thermal vestibular tests has been investigated by many authors, comparing nystagmus reactions after air and water irrigations. We first measured temperature changes in the ear canal and in the horizontal semicircular canal after both kinds of stimuli, using human temporal bone preparations, which were placed in a(More)