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Developing design guidelines for context-aware mobile applications
Context-aware computing sets new challenges for interaction design. This paper introduces the special characteristics of context-aware mobile devices that should be taken into account in interactionExpand
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Designing social features for mobile and ubiquitous wellness applications
This paper presents research findings on designing social features for mobile wellness applications. The focus is on opportunities to support and motivate wellness by utilizing and enhancing socialExpand
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The Geography of Pokémon GO: Beneficial and Problematic Effects on Places and Movement
The widespread popularity of Pokémon GO presents the first opportunity to observe the geographic effects of location-based gaming at scale. This paper reports the results of a mixed methods study ofExpand
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Evaluating capacitive touch input on clothes
Wearable computing and smart clothing have attracted a lot of attention in the last years. For a variety of applications, it can be seen as potential future direction of mobile user interfaces. InExpand
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Let's all get up and walk to the North Pole: design and evaluation of a mobile wellness application
Mobile wellness applications can motivate people to exercise more because of their ubiquitous presence and suitable technological possibilities. Wellness applications utilize several factors that canExpand
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Tracking Outdoor Sports - User Experience Perspective
In this paper, the potential role of a sport tracking application is examined in the context of supporting tracking outdoor sporting activities. A user study with 28 participants was conducted toExpand
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On-line personalization of a touch screen based keyboard
The user expectations for usability and personalization along with decreasing size of handheld devices challenge traditional keypad layout design. We have developed a method for on-line adaptation ofExpand
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Tap input as an embedded interaction method for mobile devices
In this paper we describe a novel interaction method for interacting with mobile devices without the need to access a keypad or a display. A tap with a hand can be reliably detected e.g. through aExpand
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Mobile interaction with visual and RFID tags: a field study on user perceptions
In this paper, we present a study of user perceptions on mobile interaction with visual and RFID tags. Although mobile interaction with tags has been proposed in several earlier studies, userExpand
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Towards designing better maps for indoor navigation: experiences from a case study
Recent development in indoor navigation systems and related studies imply that these applications will become common in the future. A variety of solutions utilizing different mediums is beingExpand
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