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In this seminar, advanced car navigation services will be introduced. In the future, mobile phones will be our main source of information, both inside vehicles and on the roadside. Furthermore, high-speed connections will enable data exchange between nearby vehicles. In this advanced seminar, CENTRIA's usage of Nokia Ovi Maps' interface will be introduced(More)
Geographic information system (GIS) is traditionally used with desktop computers. The development of embedded, wireless, and positioning technologies have opened possibilities to apply GIS in new application areas and conditions. In this research area interoperability issues have been regognized to be one of the main challenges of in situ measurements in(More)
Smartphones have highly functional operating systems similar to PCs. Their communication throughput depends on behavior of Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). Modern loss-based TCP algorithms take aggressive congestion window (CWND) control strategies in order to gain better throughput, but such strategies may cause a large number of packets to be(More)
In this demonstration paper we will present our test application which has been designed for using geosensor network (GSN) nodes with low-rate communication. Our demonstration will show how GSN nodes can be used in low-rate networks based standardized binary encoding communication. The designed geosensor application has been created over the Locawe platform(More)
Inter-cognitive communication plays the key role in the development of engineering applications where natural and artificial cognitive systems should work together efficiently. Situation-awareness is essential in that cooperation. The focus of this study is to report our experiences and applications of situation-aware robots and transporters. Industrial(More)
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