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Development of a market penetration forecasting model for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles considering infrastructure and cost reduction effects
In order to cope with climate change, the development and deployment of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles (HFCVs) is becoming more important. In this study, we developed a forecasting model for HFCVs basedExpand
Fuzzy integrated analytic hierarchy process approach for selecting strategic big-sized R&D programs in the sector of energy technology development
This study establishes the criteria list and prioritize relative weights of criteria and sub-criteria for assessing and selecting strategic Big-sized R&D programs in the sector of energy technology development, and establishes a fuzzy AHP approach. Expand
Analysis on the level of contribution to the national greenhouse gas reduction target in Korean transportation sector using LEAP model
On August 15, 2008, the 60th anniversary of the nation׳s founding, South Korea declared “Low Carbon, Green Growth” as its new national agenda, and announced the country׳s commitment to reduce itsExpand
Coastal vegetation on the Western, Southern, and Eastern coasts of South Korea
The Braun-Blanquet method was used to study the vegetation of coastal wetlands in South Korea and found that salt marshes, salt swamps, and sand dunes accounted for the majority of the six main classifications of coastal vegetation distributed. Expand
Coastal plant and soil relationships along the southwestern coast of South Korea
How plant species distribution was regulated by the relationships between vegetation and soil factors on the southwestern coast of South Korea was studied, thereby producing four vegetation groups that were linked to three habitat types. Expand
Dynamics of zonal halophyte communities in salt marshes in the world
A bimodal distribution of intertidal elevations, positive feedbacks, and alternative stable states and abrupt shifts in elevation from bare flats to vegetated states are present in salt marsh ecosystems. Expand
Soil particle sizes and plant communities on coastal dunes
To identify and assess the distribution patterns of coastal dune vegetation along the eastern, southern, and western coasts of South Korea, the plant communities and soil factors at 30 sites were investigated and the distribution was positively correlated with soil particle sizes. Expand
The role of hydrogen energy development in the Korean economy: An input–output analysis
Abstract Korea has been developing hydrogen energy technology to enhance its energy security. The Hydrogen Energy R&D Center established by the Korean government invested about 100 billion Korean wonExpand
Economic Evaluation of Hydrogen Production by Fermentation
This paper deals with an economic evaluation of hydrogen production by fermentation. We evaluate the economic feasibility of domestic hydrogen production by fermentation utilizing glucose and wasteExpand
Analysis of the energy and environmental effects of green car deployment by an integrating energy system model with a forecasting model
By 2020, Korea has set itself the challenging target of reducing nationwide greenhouse gas emissions by 30%, more than the BAU (Business as Usual) scenario, as the implementation goal required toExpand