Jongwoo Son

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The synthesis of 1,4-enamino ketones has been achieved through the [3,3]-rearrangement of dialkenylhydroxylamines generated from the addition of N-alkenylnitrones to electron-deficient allenes. The mild conditions required for this reaction, and the simultaneous installation of a fluorenyl imine N-protecting group as a consequence of the rearrangement,(More)
A single-flask procedure for the generation of α-keto-N-alkenylnitrones through a Chan-Lam coupling and subsequent spontaneous 6π electrocyclization of these intermediates for the synthesis of 2H-1,4-oxazine N-oxides has been developed for a variety of α-ketooximes and alkenylboronic acids. This transformation provides a new approach to C-substituted(More)
An electrocyclization route to azetidine nitrones from N-alkenylnitrones was discovered that provides facile access to these unsaturated strained heterocycles. Reactivity studies showed that these compounds undergo a variety of reduction, cycloaddition, and nucleophilic addition reactions to form highly substituted azetidines with excellent(More)
Cascade reactions involving nitrones and allenes are known to facilitate the rapid synthesis of several indole derivatives. The chemoselectivity of these complicated transformations can be influenced by substrate functionalization, reaction conditions, and catalyst control. While seminal studies established primary reactivity patterns, recent work has(More)
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