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The impact of event advertising on attitudes and visit intentions
Abstract This study examines the effects of event advertising on peoples' attitudes and visit intentions toward event-hosting cities. One hundred and ninety-two samples were collected for this study.Expand
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Hall sensor array based validation of estimation of crack size in metals using magnetic dipole models
Nondestructive evaluation (NDE) is an important methodology for quantifying cracks in engineering structures. In this paper, we propose a dipole model method (DMM) for NDE. The method is used toExpand
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Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation of the Crack on the Austenite Stainless Steel Using the Induced Eddy Current and the Hall Sensor Array
Nondestructive evaluation (NDE) has been effective in the prediction and evaluation of cracks on the surface of structures. Austenite stainless steel such as SUS304 and SUS316 is a paramagnetic metalExpand
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Nondestructive evaluation of a crack on austenitic stainless steel using a sheet type induced current and a Hall sensor array
Austenitic stainless steels (hereafter A-STS) such as STS304 and STS316 are paramagnetic metals. However, a small amount of partial magnetization is generated in A-STS because of the imperfect finalExpand
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Bobbin-Type Solid-State Hall Sensor Array With High Spatial Resolution for Cracks Inspection in Small-Bore Piping Systems
Bobbin coil and bobbin-type Hall sensor arrays are proposed as an alternative for crack inspection inside a small-bore piping system. The cracks can be imaged at high speed without using a scannerExpand
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A visualization method of alternating magnetic fields done in real time with a high spatial resolution is proposed in this paper. 1024 Hall sensors are arrayed every 0.78 mm intervals in a 25×25 mmExpand
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Nondestructive testing of train wheels using differential-type integrated Hall sensor matrixes embedded in train rails
Abstract A nondestructive testing method for inspecting cracks in train wheels is proposed in this study. The train wheels can be inspected without disassembly, as soon as the train enters its shed,Expand
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An Application of a Magnetic Camera for an NDT System for Aging Aircraft
The usefulness of the magnetic camera for non-destructive testing of aging aircraft is discussed in this paper. The magnetic camera can be used f magnetic particle testing(MT), magnetic flux leakageExpand
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Nondestructive testing and crack evaluation of ferromagnetic material by using the linearly integrated hall sensor array
Magnetic flux leakage testing (MFLT), which measures the distribution of a magnetic field on a magnetized specimen by using a magnetic sensor such as a Hall sensor, is an effective nondestructiveExpand
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Integration of Hall and Giant Magnetoresistive Sensor Arrays for Real-Time 2-D Visualization of Magnetic Field Vectors
In this study, we combined an array of giant magnetoresistive (GMR) sensors with an array of Hall sensors to measure all three components of magnetic vectors with a high spatial resolution andExpand
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