Jongsu Yoon

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Maintenance of building façade is a risky operation for human labor. We have researched a robot system that substitutes for human. This robot system requires much intelligence for sensing and control. In this paper, we propose window detection methodologies as a sensing theme. It is essential for robotic façade maintenance. We have two(More)
Exoskeleton robots have been used for rehabilitation in many areas. In order to comprise arm exoskeleton robot, a modular joint unit is proposed. As a module, this unit contains everything for joint actuating. Motor, encoder, harmonic drive, brake, cross roller bearing, and joint torque sensor are included in this unit. Because this unit is applied to(More)
This paper presents a preliminary design of autonomous underwater vehicle platform entitled as KAUV-1. It is shaped like a torpedo with light weight and small size and is used for marine exploration and monitoring. The KAUV-1 has a unique ducted propeller located at aft end with yawing actuation acting as a rudder. For depth control, the KAUV-1 uses a mass(More)
Working on building façade is dangerous. Many accidents have occurred, and many workers have lost their lives. We have researched to apply robot systems to prevent these accidents. In this paper, we purposed an algorithm for sensor system of a gondola-typed building façade maintenance robot. The robot system moves on the building façade autonomously, or by(More)
We have researched an automated gondola-typed robot system for building façade maintenance. Our system moves in vertical direction on walls with two endless winders along wire ropes. Because its main function is to paint, the balance of the gondola system should be kept. Two endless winders are controlled in accordance with ARS (Attitude Reference(More)
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