Jongsoon Park

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It has been experimentally established in numerous cases that precipitation of monodispersed colloids from homogeneous solutions is a complex process. Specifically, it was found that in many systems nuclei, produced rapidly in a supersaturated solution, grow to nanosize primary particles (singlets), which then coagulate to form much larger final col-loids(More)
In recent years, there has been rising interest in using accelerometers as an alternative instrument to measure the center of pressure. Accelerometers are inexpensive, small, sensitive, and can be readily used in non-laboratory environments. In addition to this, smartphones with built-in accelerometers add to their capability with real-time processing of(More)
This paper proposes a new approach to motion vector field smoothing for block-based motion-compensated frame interpolation (MCFI). Based on the assumption that an observed motion vector field, which is the result of a block-based motion estimation (BME), is a degraded version of the true motion vector field, we calculate the maximum a posteriori (MAP)(More)
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