Jongsik Park

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Public policy discussions typically favor greater corporate disclosure as a way to reduce firms' agency problems. This argument is incomplete because it overlooks that better disclosure regimes can also aggravate agency problems and related costs, including executive compensation. Consequently, a point can exist beyond which additional disclosure decreases(More)
One pot synthesis of RhCu alloy truncated octahedral nanoframes, Cu@Rh core-shell nanoparticles, and a bundle of five RhCu nanowires is demonstrated. The RhCu alloy 3D nanoframe, in particular, exhibits excellent catalytic activity toward the oxygen evolution reaction under alkaline conditions.
—Bio-sensor arrays for multi-channel recording have been developed recently and signal processing platforms for those signals have been studied actively. But it's thereal situation which these technologies are generally developed and studied respectively. So the interface design between recording array and signal processing platform is also an important(More)
Most of bio sensors which have been studied recently are based on CMOS process. There are many kinds of method for detecting sensor signal. In this paper, we proposed SoC platform for biosensor signal processing. Proposed platform has attempted to establish basis bio-sensor signal platform for adopt variable algorithm. The proposed SoC platform consists of(More)
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