Jongsik Lim

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A design method for an L-band frequency quadrupler with composite right/left-handed transmission line is proposed. The left-handed transmission line in the proposed frequency quadrupler suppresses the fundamental component (f 0), while the composite right/left-handed l/4 open stub reduces unwanted higher-order harmonics. From the experimental results,(More)
SUMMARY An unequal Wilkinson power divider with adjustable power dividing ratio is proposed. The proposed power divider consists of rectangular defected ground structure (DGS), isolated island in DGS, and varactor diodes. The impedance of the microstrip line greatly increases due to the DGS, and varies because of the varying capacitance of diodes. The(More)
SUMMARY A class-F high efficiency GaN power amplifier (PA) for dual band operation at 2.14 GHz and 2.35 GHz is proposed. A novel dual band harmonic-rejection load network, which controls the terminating impedances of the second and third harmonics, and contributes greatly to efficiency improvement of PA, is described. In addition, a matching network which(More)
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