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1 As modern weapon systems become complex and expensive, there is an increasing need to predict the effectiveness of a new weapon system before the actual development. In this paper, we present an ASW (Anti Submarine Warfare) simulator to measure the effectiveness of a TAS (Towed Array Sonar) on smart phones. Our simulator is composed of Red and Blue(More)
OBJECTIVES The importance of the prediction of coronary heart disease (CHD) has been recognized in Korea; however, few studies have been conducted in this area. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a method for the prediction and classification of CHD in Koreans. METHODS A model for CHD prediction must be designed according to rule-based guidelines. In(More)
This study explores the effect of the robot's appearance vs. behavior (voice and gestures) on the way it is perceived as a machine-like instead of a human-like robot. A between-subjects experiment with four conditions was conducted. Results suggest that both the robot's behavior and appearance are important but, if they are contradictory, the robot's(More)
In [7, 8], they proposed a new singular function(NSF) method to compute singular solutions of Poisson equations on a polygonal domain with re-entrant angles. Singularities are eliminated and only the regular part of the solution that is in H 2 is computed. The stress intensity factor and the solution can be computed as a post processing step. This method(More)
Bioinformatics is an innovative research field of science, which applies power of high performance system using computational grid technology. This paper focuses on a bioinformatics data classification and data accuracy problem which is currently important issue in bioinformatics applications. This paper proposes a probability-based ART1 clustering(More)
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