Jongseong Jang

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In this paper, a co-segmentation method to extract the cortex in inter-subject brain MR (Magnetic Resonance) images is proposed. Co-segmentation is a method to segment two images simultaneously. The method employs the MRF (Markov Random Field) based graph for constructing the objective function and the graph-cut algorithm for optimization. In the graph(More)
PURPOSE The anterior pelvic plane (APP) is commonly used as a reference plane to assess acetabular orientation. However, conventional methods for determining the APP may not be accurate and are prone to user variability. To overcome these issues, we developed a robust method to accurately extract the APP independent of pelvic pose using three-dimensional(More)
INTRODUCTION Using an endoscopic telesurgical robot system (ETSRS), the authors propose a strategy for improving the safety of telesurgery by restricting the movement of an end-effector within a lesion. The strategy is validated by phantom model experiments. MATERIAL AND METHODS The method focused on generation of force feedback and restriction of robotic(More)
This article presents a haptic-guided teleoperation for a tumor removal surgical robotic system, so-called a SIROMAN system. The system was developed in our previous work to make it possible to access tumor tissue, even those that seat deeply inside the brain, and to remove the tissue with full maneuverability. For a safe and accurate operation to remove(More)
Imaging that fuses multiple modes has become a useful tool for diagnosis and therapeutic monitoring. As a next step, real-time fusion imaging has attracted interest as for a tool to guide surgery. One widespread fusion imaging technique in surgery combines real-time ultrasound (US) imaging and pre-acquired magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. However, US(More)
BACKGROUND The authors propose and verify a method for the construction of a safety region for minimally invasive brain tumor removal. The safety region is constructed to avoid damaging normal tissues through the movement of a robotic instrument during brain tumor surgery using a telesurgical robotic system and a small port. MATERIAL AND METHODS 3 D(More)
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