Jongpil Jeong

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In this paper, we propose a new user authentication (UA) scheme based on one-time password (OTP) protocol using smart cards for home networks. The proposed scheme is to authenticate home users who uses home devices. Several techniques using technology based on biometrics, passwords, certificates, and smart cards can be used for user authentication in the(More)
Modern wireless networks require wide bandwidth and high-speed mobility, and IEEE 802.16e is considered to be a technology capable of meeting such requirements. One of the most important issues with IEEE 802.16e is for the handover technology to provide seamless high capacity data services at a high speed rate. Data transmission to the terminal device is(More)
The home network is a new IT technology environment for making an offer of convenient, safe, pleasant, and blessed lives to people, making it possible to be provided with various home network services by constructing home network infrastructure regardless of devices, time, and places. This can be done by connecting home devices based on wire and wireless(More)
The IEEE 802.16 is developed for fixed broadband wireless technology with wider coverage, higher data transmission speeds and excellent Quality of Services (QoS). IEEE 802.16e is an amendment to the IEEE 802.16 that corporates the handover process to support mobility under high speeds. The mobility user basically conducts hard handover process after the MS(More)
In this paper, we propose a Multicasting-based Inter-Domain Mobility Management Scheme in Sensor-based Fast Proxy Mobile Ipv6 Networks (mSFP). Based on [6,10], we present its network architecture and evaluate its performance by considering the signaling and mobility cost. Our analysis shows that the proposed scheme reduces the signaling cost, total cost,(More)
The IEEE 802.16e system is a specification that supports the IEEE 802.16, fixed broadband wireless access (BWA) system with mobility management scheme. Along with this standard, there are many researches on how to transmit the high rate of data seamlessly during the MNpsilas fast movement. With the IEEE 802.16e standard, to resume the active session of IP(More)