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and the 2010 Wharton Technology Mini-conference. Any errors are our responsibility. ABSTRACT This paper explores a less-recognized aspect of alliance management capabilities, accommodation, which occurs when a firm refrains from applying its bargaining power, agreeing to terms that address their partner's concerns or interests to a greater degree than their(More)
Urban environmental information (EI) is related to knowledge concerning the status, the pressures and the consequences of environmental quality parameters to human life and the urban surroundings. One of the most important aspects in the life cycle of EI is knowledge generation and flow, data management and information dissemination between ICT systems and(More)
Self-service technologies (SSTs) are becoming popular in mobile devices. Therefore, we examine the availability of mobile services with regard to wire-line device and user trust in these services as the moderating variables in order to determine the relative importance of the perceived usefulness (PU) and perceived ease of use (PEU) for users adopting new(More)
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