Jongki Kim

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Optical-resolution photoacoustic microscopy (OR-PAM) becomes a premier microscopic imaging tool in biomedicine because it provides agent-free optical absorption information in tissues. By tightly focusing light to a spot, a significantly improved lateral resolution can be achieved in OR-PAM. The focal spot size is typically determined by the numerical(More)
We report a compact all-fiber Bessel beam generator using hollow optical fiber (HOF) and coreless silica fiber based on a self-assembled polymer lens. A nearly diffraction-free Bessel beam pattern was observed with its focused beam diameter of 20 microm maintained over a propagation distance of 550 microm. The generated Bessel beams were experimentally(More)
A Bessel-like beam was generated in a novel all-fiber integrated structure. A concentric ring intensity pattern was achieved by the multimode interference along the coreless silica fiber, which was then focused by the integrated micro-lens to result in a Bessel-like beam. The average beam diameter of 7.5 μm maintained over 500 μm axial length for a(More)
Highly efficient Bessel-like beam generation was achieved based on a new all-fiber method that implements Fourier transformation of a micro annular aperture along a concatenated composite optical fiber. The beam showed unique characteristics of tilted washboard optical potential in the transverse plane and sustained a nondiffracting length over 400 μm along(More)
Due to the increased global reliance on information technology, and the prominence of information resources value, identity theft is a problem domain effecting millions of computer users annually. The realities of identity theft are highly visible in the global media, although empirical investigations on the topic are limited. The purpose of this study is(More)
We propose a simple and efficient light launch scheme for a helical-core fiber (HCF) by using an adiabatically tapered splice technique, through which we overcome its inherent difficulty with light launch owing to the large lateral offset and angular tilt of its core. We experimentally demonstrate single-mode excitation in the HCF in this configuration,(More)
We report a fiber optic photoluminescence (PL) measurement system using a novel hybrid probe composed of a series of single mode fiber (SMF) and double-clad fiber (DCF) terminated with a coreless silica fiber (CSF) segment and glass micro-lens formed on its cleaved-facet. The fiber probe provided a good guidance and focusing capability for the excitation(More)
We demonstrate a micro-structured aperture made of a unique hollow triangular-core fiber (HTCF) that consists of a central air hole, a high-index hollow triangular core, and silica cladding for all-fiber novel beam shaping. Detailed fabrication processes to embed a hollow triangular structure into a cylindrical optical fiber are described and unique(More)
Respondents from eight Korean and U.S. higher education institutions were surveyed as to their knowledge and experience with various forms of computer malware. The surveys provide insight into knowledge of rootkits that have become coffee lounge discussion following the once secretive Sony rootkit news break in late 2005 and then the rash of accusations and(More)