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In this paper, we propose a new block cipher HIGHT with 64-bit block length and 128-bit key length. It provides low-resource hardware implementation, which is proper to ubiquitous computing device such as a sensor in USN or a RFID tag. HIGHT does not only consist of simple operations to be ultra-light but also has enough security as a good encryption(More)
Most password-authenticated key agreement schemes described in the literature have focused on authenticated key agreement using a shared password between a client and a server. With rapid changes in the modern communication environment such as ad-hoc networks and ubiquitous computing, it is necessary to construct a secure end-to-end channel between clients.(More)
We study client-to-client password-authenticated key exchange (C2C-PAKE) enabling two clients in different realms to agree on a common session key using different passwords. Byun et al. first presented C2C-PAKE schemes under the cross-realm setting. However, the schemes were not formally treated, and subsequently found to be flawed. In addition, in the(More)
Broadcast encryption schemes allow a message sender to broadcast an encrypted data so that only legitimate receivers decrypt it. Because of the intrinsic nature of one-to-many communication in broadcasting , transmission length may be of major concern. Several broadcast encryption schemes with good transmission overhead have been proposed. But, these(More)