Jonghyun Eom

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We present three-dimensional (3-D) in vivo photoacoustic (PA) images of the blood vasculature of a chicken chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) obtained by using a fiber-based noncontact PA tomography system. With a fiber-optic heterodyne interferometer, the system measures the surface displacement of a sample, induced by the PA wave, which overcomes the(More)
We demonstrate a scheme of non-destructive and noncontact thickness measurement. By monitoring the laser-induced acoustic pressure wave with a compact optical fiber heterodyne interferometer, we could measure the thickness of an opaque or metallic sample.
We present a dual modal system combining noncontact photoacoustic tomography and optical coherence tomography. The proposed system, composed of fiber-optic networks, uses one probing beam path, which provides the noncontact measurements. Multimodal images of phantoms were acquired to demonstrate the capability of the proposed system.
We propose an all-fiber-based dual-modal imaging system that combines noncontact photoacoustic tomography (PAT) and optical coherence tomography (OCT). The PAT remotely measures photoacoustic (PA) signals with a 1550-nm laser on the surface of a sample by utilizing a fiber interferometer as an ultrasound detector. The fiber-based OCT, employing a(More)
A photoacoustic signal measurement system using Fabry-Perot optical interferometer (FPI) for microscopy is presented. Most of the photoacoustic imaging systems have limitation by opaque ultrasound transducer in the alignment system setup. Thus, the excitation laser source should avoid the transducer to illuminate a sample, which makes the system difficult(More)
We present the ultra high-speed wide-field optical coherence tomography system that needs only single-scan for getting a three-dimensional image. The stroboscopic system could get fast volumetric imaging without information loss by utilizing actively-stabilized feedback routine.
We propose the noncontact measurement of elasticity by using an optical fiber heterodyne interferometer and laser ultrasonics. The surface acoustic wave (SAW), that is generated by the laser pulse irradiation on the sample surface and propagating along the surface, is optically monitored by the heterodyne interferometer without taking any contact with the(More)
We report on a noncontact photoacoustic imaging system utilizing an all-fiber-optic heterodyne interferometer as an acoustic wave detector. The acoustic wave generated by a short laser pulse via the photoacoustic effect and arriving at the sample surface could be detected with the fiber-optic heterodyne interferometer without physical contact or using an(More)
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