Jonghun Shin

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The EPCglobal Network is a network providing a shared view of the disposition of EPC-bearing objects between EPCglobal subscribers, within a relevant business context. In the EPCglobal Network, product data is distributed to several EPCISes(EPC Information Services) via movement of the product. The ONS (Object Naming Service) and the EPCISDS (EPCIS(More)
Many applications using the Bluetooth technology for the revitalization of smart phones have emerged, and hacking these applications has caused vulnerability of wireless networks. Bluetooth is authenticated through unique address value of each device. However, hackers can attack the information of unique address value in the process. Despite this situation,(More)
Virtual fitting system is the system that coordinates the clothes that the customers want on their virtual avatars and it can be the representative interactive digital signage, and the virtual fitting systems that adopt the augmented reality method are researched currently. That the information on the products of the brands that adopt the system can be(More)
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