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DDR4 SDRAM is expected to realize low power consumption and high bandwidth using a 1.2V nominal supply voltage and to be a cost-effective solution for various applications. In this paper, bank group architecture, internal reference voltage level (IVREF) and pre-emphasis to overcome conventional operating frequency range are presented. CS_n to(More)
PURPOSE To design, construct, and commission a set of computer-controlled motorized jaws for a micro-CT∕RT system to perform conformal image-guided small animal radiotherapy. METHODS The authors designed and evaluated a system of custom-built motorized orthogonal jaws, which allows the delivery of off-axis rectangular fields on a GE eXplore CT 120(More)
This paper presents the development and validation of a simulation model of an injection scroll compressor that can be used for optimization of a heat pump system for electric vehicles. The modeling considered the effects of refrigerant leakage and suction gas heating. The simulation model solved continuity and energy conservation equations using 4th(More)
A residential heat pump is faced with reliability problems due to a higher compressor discharge temperature and lower performance at lower ambient temperatures. Many researchers have been trying to overcome this problem by applying vapor injection techniques. However, the application of the vapor injection cycle caused higher cost due to the increased(More)
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