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Keywords: Internet shopping System quality Information quality Service quality Customer satisfaction Utilitarian shopping value Hedonic shopping value Repurchase intention a b s t r a c t This research empirically examines the effect of various Internet shopping site qualities on the utilitarian and hedonic values of Internet shopping. The influence of the(More)
Previous research suggests that computer security countermeasures would be effective in preventing computer abuse in organizations. However, computer abuse problems still persist despite these efforts. This study proposes a new model of computer abuse that explains a causal link between abusive behavior and a psychological state toward this behavior, drawn(More)
The City of Philadelphia adopted an ambitious broadband internet plan to provide the city with comprehensive wireless coverage. The decision to adopt this project involved a tradeoff between the benefit of high-speed service to all residents and cost of the project. The project represents breaking a relatively new ground, with few experiences of other(More)
As the importance of unconventional resource grows, the demand for the directional drilling technology is increasing. One of the key technologies of the directional drilling is a rotary steerable system (RSS). Among several types of RSS developed so far, `point-the-bit' and `push-the-bit' are the most commonly used ones. In this paper, a new rotary(More)
This paper proposes a novel vision-based jellyfish detection algorithm in underwater environment. Since jellyfish, especially Aurelia aurita, is translucent and amorphous when projected to the 2-dimensional image, its boundary is indistinct and detecting jellyfish is very challenging. To detect moving jellyfish, two types of features that present the(More)
Wireless broadband service has grown rapidly, with many local governments considering alternatives for providing such a service to their communities in order to make them more attractive to new businesses and tourists. The alternatives range from an unrestricted free market (with mixed service quality and coverage) to city-or community-sponsored service,(More)