Jongchan Lee

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Hybridoma cells were cultivated in a chemically defined medium in continuous cultures. These cultures reached different steady states marked by distinctive cell metabolism depending on the culture conditions leading to the steady state. Those steady states with different metabolism are characterized by different stoichiometric ratios of lactate production(More)
For uptake of ferrichrome into bacterial cells, FhuA, a TonB-dependent outer membrane receptor of Escherichia coli, is required. The periplasmic protein FhuD binds and transfers ferrichrome to the cytoplasmic membrane-associated permease FhuB/C. We exploited phage display to map protein-protein interactions in the E. coli cell envelope that contribute to(More)
With the rapid adoption of mobile devices and location based services (LBS), applications provide with nearby information like recommending sightseeing resort are becoming more and more popular. In the mean time, traffic congestion in cities led to the development of mobile public transportation systems. In such applications, mobile devices need to(More)
BACKGROUND A prototype endoscope was designed to improve visualization and dissection of tissue with the use of 2 working channels with different deflections. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the efficacy and operability of a prototype endoscope in comparison with a conventional double-channel endoscope for rectal endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD). DESIGN(More)
Peroral endoscopic pyloromyotomy is a novel technique that has recently been described in the literature. There is little data to guide the length of myotomy created. The aim of study was to evaluate the proper incision length of the muscular layer during peroral endoscopic pyloromyotomy using a submucosal tunnel technique. The study was designed as a(More)
Continuous culture for the production of biopharmaceutical proteins offers the possibility of steady state operations and thus more consistent product quality and increased productivity. Under some conditions, multiplicity of steady states has been observed in continuous cultures of mammalian cells, wherein with the same dilution rate and feed nutrient(More)
The ability to provide thousands of gene expression values simultaneously makes microarray data very useful for phenotype classification. A major constraint in phenotype classification is that the number of genes greatly exceeds the number of samples. We overcame this constraint in two ways; we increased the number of samples by integrating independently(More)