Jongbaeg Kim

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We describe microfabricated torsional actuators that are made using self-aligned plastic deformation in a batch process. The microactuators are formed in single-crystal silicon and driven by vertical comb-drives. Structures have been built that resonate at frequencies between 2 and 5kHz achieving scanning angles up to 19.2 degrees with driving voltages of(More)
We have demonstrated lithography-free, simple, and large area fabrication method for subwavelength antireflection structures (SAS) to achieve low reflectance of silicon (Si) surface. Thin film of Pt/Pd alloy on a Si substrate is melted and agglomerated into hemispheric nanodots by thermal dewetting process, and the array of the nanodots is used as etch mask(More)
Semiconducting two-dimensional (2D) transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs) are promising gas-sensing materials due to their large surface-to-volume ratio. However, their poor gas-sensing performance resulting from the low response, incomplete recovery, and insufficient selectivity hinders the realization of high-performance 2D TMDC gas sensors. Here, we(More)
The synthesis of cantilever-shape nano resonators and their resonant frequency tunings in both upward and downward directions have been demonstrated using FIB-CVD (focused ion beam-chemical vapor deposition). The in situ experimental observations of mechanical resonances as well as cutting and adding of resonator materials have been accomplished inside the(More)
Electric-field assisted growth and self-assembly of intrinsic silicon nanowires, in-situ, is demonstrated. The nanowires are seen to respond to the presence of a localized DC electric field set up between adjacent MEMS structures. The response is expressed in the form of improved nanowire order, alignment, and organization while transcending a gap. This(More)
An existing bond graph of a squirrel cage induction motor was modified to make the bond graph physically more representative. The intent was to form a one-to-one correspondence between motor components and bond graph elements. Components explicitly represented include the stator coils, the squirrel cage rotor bars, and the magnetic flux routing section. The(More)
A polymer membrane-coated palladium (Pd) nanoparticle (NP)/single-layer graphene (SLG) hybrid sensor was fabricated for highly sensitive hydrogen gas (H2) sensing with gas selectivity. Pd NPs were deposited on SLG via the galvanic displacement reaction between graphene-buffered copper (Cu) and Pd ion. During the galvanic displacement reaction, graphene was(More)
We have demonstrated microfabricated, monolithic two degrees of freedom (two-dimensional) electrostatic torsional mirrors using a three-mask process on silicon-on-insulator wafer with a single plastic deformation step. The mirror operated independently in two orthogonal directions as controlled by two sets of self-aligned angular vertical combs. The(More)