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Let (M, J) be a compact complex 2-manifold which which admits a Kähler metric for which the integral of the scalar curvature is non-negative. Also suppose that M does not admit a Ricci-flat Kähler metric. Then if M is blown up at sufficiently many points, the resulting complex surface (˜ M , ˜ J) admits Kähler metrics with scalar curvature identically equal(More)
In this paper, we present a new laser direct patterning method that selectively cures nanoparticles self-generated from organometallic ink by proper thermal decomposition. This approach has several advantages in the curing rate, resolution and pattern quality compared with the conventional nanoparticle ink based direct laser curing method. It was found that(More)
Functionally graded materials (FGMs) are compositionally gradient materials. They can achieve the controlled distribution of the desired characteristics within the same bulk material. We describe a functionally graded (FG) metal-phosphor adapting the concept of the FGM; copper (Cu) is selected as a metal and Cu- and Cl-doped ZnS (ZnS:Cu,Cl) is selected as a(More)
The EuSi2O2N2 nanophoshor was prepared by high-energy planetary mill. The nanophosphor with 100 nm in a mean size showed a broad yellow emission spectrum with the peak at 557 nm and the half width of 61 nm due to Eu2+ f-d transition. Its excitation spectrum was drastically decreased in shorter and longer wavelength sides. The fabricated white-light-emitting(More)
The white-light-emitting diode (white LED), based on the bilayer structure of red InP quantum dots (QDs) with 610 nm peak, and yellow YAG:Ce3+ phosphor with 550 nm peak, were fabricated through a conventional 5050 type LED fabrication process. The white LED exhibited high luminous efficiency of >130 Im/W and high color rendering index of >80 under operating(More)
Adaptive mass fabrication method based on laser-induced plasmonic local surface defunctionalization was suggested to realize solution-based high resolution self-patterning on transparent substrate in parallel. After non-patterned functional monolayer was locally deactivated by laser-induced metallic plasma species, various micro/nano metal structures could(More)
The Cs(x)WO3 nanoparticles were synthesized at 800 degrees C under a reducing ambient, and then milled up to nanoscale by a high-energy ball planetary miller. They showed a single phase, and a mean particle size of 80 nm. The Cs contents (x) in Cs(x)WO3 nanoparticles were optimized to be x = 0.32 to maximize the shielding performance around the wavelength(More)
Indium-free Al and Ga-codoped ZnO (AGZO) multilayer films with nanoscale Ag interlayer were deposited by dual target roll-to-roll RF for AGZO and DC sputtering systems for Ag at room temperature for a large scale. The thicknesses of AGZO/Ag/AGZO multilayer were optimized by changing the roll speed: 0.15/1.1/0.15 m/min for AGZO/Ag/AGZO multilayers,(More)
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