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A software birthmark is unique and native characteristics of software, and thus can be used to detect the theft of software. We propose a new static software birthmark for programs on Microsoft Windows which have Portable Executable (PE) format. These programs use different Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) and Application Program Interfaces (APIs) while they(More)
As software industry has been grown, it occurs more frequently to illegally copy software or to steal the core modules of a program. In order to detect program plagiarism, similarity analysis of suspicious programs based on source codes is one of accurate methods. However, the source codes are not always available. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze and(More)
As software is getting more valuable, unauthorized users or malicious programmers illegally copies and distributes copyrighted software over online service provider (OSP) and P2P networks. To detect, block, and remove pirated software (illegal programs) on OSP and P2P networks, this paper proposes a new filtering approach using software birthmark, which is(More)
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