Jong-Yong Lee

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In this paper, we proposed the clustering algorithm using fuzzy inference system for improving adaptability the cluster head selection of TEEN for the wireless multimedia sensor network. The stochastic selection method cannot guarantee available of cluster head. Furthermore, as the formation of clusters is not optimized, the network lifetime is impeded. To(More)
In a ubiquitous sensor network (USN) environment, it is necessary to define and manage a single metadata between the multimedia sensor and multimedia sensor node for interoperability purposes. One method to resolve this issue is the SensorML (Sensor Model Language), which is standard language that can be applied to sensor modeling. SensorML describes the(More)
The use of a filler material in epoxy composite materials is an essential condition for reducing the unit cost of production and reinforcing the mechanical strength. However, the dielectric strength of insulators decreases rapidly due to interactions between the epoxy resin and filler particles. In contrast to existing composite materials, nano-composite(More)
Wireless sensor network is extensively used technology now a day in real time application. It consists of a number of autonomous sensor nodes which are organized in various areas of interest to accumulate data and jointly convey that data back to a base station. But the sensor node has limited battery energy and it is also found that the WSN more vulnerable(More)
This paper proposes to increase the efficiency energy of nodes which rapidly drops during the transmission of the LEACH (Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy), using the method of the dual-hop layered in the sensor field. By introducing dual-hop method in the data transmission, the proposed single-hop method for short-range transmission and multi-hop(More)
In this paper, we examine discharge characteristics of cross-linked polyethylene (since then; XLPE) according to void. Voltage was applied to power frequency by step method, and calibration of discharge was set to 50[pC] (slope=8.333). After the voltage was applied, for 10 [sec] (600 [cycle]), occurring discharge and number were detected. Determine of input(More)
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